7 year old bay gelding; 15hh


Tickets is sadly for sale to a great home only.
I know his full history, he was gently introduced to riding by his breeder, rather than been left to the racing yard. Only completed 4 races then the syndicate fell apart and he went back to the breeder, who sold him.Unfortunately the lady who bought him fell pregnant and he was left in a field for 18months doing nothing. She sold him back to breeder then I bought him.

He was in a very poor state, skinny, rain scald, rubbed mane and tail due to flies, and felling very sorry for himself.
I noticed immediately he was not happy round his tummy so sent for scoping, the results showed low grade 1 ulcers, he obviously thought they where grade 4! The vets said they didn't warrant treatment but he wasn't happy so I put him on 4 weeks treatment and we haven't had a problem since as I now watch what he eats and when.
When he came he was scared of his own shadow and hadn't ever hacked alone, nor opened gates, nor seen cars, bikes, cows, life was scary. Now 2 years on he hacks beautifully in company, front, back or middle. Happy to go past scary things when others refuse. Hacks out alone but can be eyes on stalks. He is great in open spaces but not sure re traffic as we are very lucky and have moorland on our doorstep so have no need to go on roads but so long as he has company I’m sure he would get used to it

We have done dressage, dressage clinics, pole clinics, le trec days, stayed over at clinics and days hacks. He loves poles and jumps but jumping is not my thing, I'm sure given then chance it would be his.

He has always behaved impeccably. Never reared nor bolted. His thing, if he is scared, is to spin on a sixpence go 20 yards then stop and look back.

He is in a snaffle and very soft in the mouth.

He does not like people shouting nor anything loud round him, if someone is telling their horse off or shouting to slow down at someone he gets very worried it's at him but a pat reassures him

Good to bath, shoe, groom etc
He has loaded since been 6 weeks old but now and again decides he doesn't want to load and needs telling, however he always loads straight away, self loading on way home.
He has just had teeth done, upto date on Physio, and vaccinations.Shod front feet only
Not a novice ride as he still is a bit green and needs regular work to bring out his true potential. A change of job and hours mean I do not have enough time to continue his education.
Genuine enquiries only please as this is a hard decision as it is.

He will come with light weight and winter rug.
His show bridle, day bridle and saddle with sheepskin numnah all negotiable at extra cost.

£3,000.00  (Eldwick, Bradford)


For further information please contact
Karen Import: Telephon - 07976-564737





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