Horses for Sale


The "Horses for Sale" section is split into 2 categories - "Under "£3,000" and and "£3,000 and Over".


Bear in mind that horses do not retire from racing just because they have an unsoundness; other reasons include:


- a lack of ability

- the horse is too slow

- the horse does not enjoy racing
- a owner may have a change of direction
- financial considerations
- the death of a owner
- a syndicate may have disbanded



Horses under £3,000

That a horse is featured in the "Under £3,000" section does not necessarily mean that it has a blemish, is a bit quirky, is proving a little tricky to re-train etc. remember, it is the owners that place the value on their horses, not anyone connected to this website.


Horses over £3,000

Please bear in mind that just because a horse is an ex-racehorse does not mean that it should have a lower price tag.


It takes considerable time, effort and expertise to re-train a racehorse, usually more so than invested in training a non-raced young horse. It is only right that an ex-racehorse is valued on a par with its non-racing counterparts (taking due consideration of the usual aspects of age, conformation, temperament, etc.) and particularly so for the horse that has subsequently taken part in another equestrian sport.



Horses from Trainers


With regards to horses featured in the "Horses from Trainers" section, they may be being offered without charge or there may be a fee payable depending on the individual situation; adverts for individual horses will specify whether a payment is required.



Horses for Loan

This section fatures horses from private homes, the RoR Centres and other Charitable organisations.






Each advertisement has a "READ MORE" link which opens a new page containing more detailed information about individual horses.


You are advised to refer Advertising Guidelines section where there are full details on how to place an advert should you wish to do so in which instance you should also refer to the "Terms and Conditions".



And finally please remember to mention "Source an Ex-racehorse" when contacting an advertiser, and if you are an advertiser, to advise when horses can be removed from the site. Thank you for you co-operation.