Horses for Loan/Re-Homing



This section is divided into horses that are from Charity Centres and those that are from private homes.


From a Charity Centre


One of the best routes if you are looking for a horse to loan is to go to a Welfare/Charity Centre such as those supported by the RoR or run by other charitable organisations.


Charity Centres all usually have several horses awaiting re-homing but if not, they keep in regular contact and have your name put on the waiting list if horses are not quite ready to be rehomed. However the horses featured on this website are ready and waiting for a new home.


Such Centres work hard to match you with the right horse - it is usual practice to make more than one visit to see a horse - and if things don't quite go according to plan, then the horse can be returned.


Each Centre/Charity does have its own Terms and Conditions so you should familiarise yourself with these. For example, a home visit to check your facilities (or Livery Yard) may or may not be required..


Note that a donation is usually requested


Charitable Centres only loan horses out .


The most well-known of the rehoming Centres are the 4 Centres which are supported by the RoR:

  • The Thoroughbred Rehabiltiation Centre - Lancashire
  • Greatwood - Caring for Retired Racehorses - Wiltshire
  • The Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre - West Sussex
  • HEROS - Homing Ex-racehorses Organisation Scheme - Oxfordshire/Berkshire


This site features horses from Greatwood and The TRC.



Horses from Private Homes

There may be several reasons why an owner has elected to loan their horse out rather than sell it but usually the main reason is so that the horse can return to their care in its "golden" years; sometimes horses are loaned out more as a temporary measure whilst a teenager is at University or there has been (or going to be) a two-legged addition to the family.  Whatever the reason, you should clearly establish it so that you have a clear understanding of the situation.
Some horses are loaned out because really they are only suitable to be a field companion; this may be due to an injury that precludes riding or that the horse has proven difficult to ride. 

Loaning a Horse

If you seeking a horse to loan other than from a charitable organisation, it is strongly advised that a Loan Agreement is put in place between the parties concerned which details each party's responsibilities and obligations with regards to the horse in question, its care and welfare.


You can include any stipulations you wish specific to your horse.



Permanent Re-homing


Some owners wish to permanently re-home their horse, relinquishing all rights they have over him, etc. i.e. as good as sell him (but without the exchange of monies), it is still important that the transaction is verified by some kind of written agreement. This need only be a few words, nothing as complex as a loan agreement, but it just confirms in writing, with signatures, a verbal agreement so there can be no confusion or question at a later date.


If you are not sure about this please seek advice.







Please mention "Source an Ex-racehorse" when responding to any advertisements or making contact with a Charity Centre. Thank you.