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12 year old bay gelding; 16.1hh

Jay, A.K.A Keepsgettingbetter (IRE),  raced only 4 times until 2009. He is a good lad, a sweet and willing boy and very intelligent
Sold to me as a “ready-to-ride”, competition ready horse who knows his job and loves it too but it turned out Jay was given up on by his previous owner who left him out 24/7 for what I expect was many months with no work or real care as she had evented him until she’d had enough and bored, wanted a new mount to thrash. This, sadly as in many cases, only came to light after I’d got him home.
Since, I have brought him on, retrained him from the ground up and he now doesn’t batter an eyelid at the farrier, vet or dentist, leads well, has impeccable ground manners and lunges (double lunge and long reins) to voice command like a true gent and to the envy of the whole yard. He allows anyone to catch or turn him out and is quiet in his stable and in the field with no vices such as cribbing, weaving as many other Ex-Racehorses often do.
To ride, he is a nice, forward but often very fresh boy. He’s very sensitive and has a tendency to get way too excited and have a hoolie moment mid exercise. If given an excuse, he will seize the opportunity. He is NOT a novice ride and can be a handful and therefore requires an experienced rider with a history of hot breeds and sharp and hot behaviour - preferably with ex-racehorses. This is typical Jay – not harmful with intent, a lovely, sweet and obedient boy 99% of the time but over-excitable for a hot minute – and in doing so, is very strong, can be a bit silly and lacking self-control. Afterwards, always reverting back to his usual self almost as if nothing happened!
Jay is sensitive and nicely reactive to the leg and very susceptible and most comfortable with seat aids. He LOVES to jump and has hunted, and competed in unaffiliated XC, SJ (up to 1m) and dressage many times although not with me. He has the HUGEST boldest, most scopey jump I have ridden and will jump anything you point him at.
He has so much potential with the right person but unfortunately due to the lack of time, that’s not me and I couldn’t be any more gutted.
I do not want to sell Jay and it is still a verya hard decision but I have brought him on as far as I possibly can as I work very long hours and so cannot afford him the further training and schooling that he needs and deserves to progress his ridden work – during the week I arrive to the yard late and will not ever ride when alone on the yard for safety reasons so I am limited to riding only on weekends which at this stage, is just not enough. Jay needs someone with the time, patience and experience to improve his ridden discipline and to progress him from his outstanding ground and lunge work to his full capability which unfortunately and heartbreakingly, I just cannot do.



For further information please contact

Karla Robyn Hunt Tel: 07807-945024    (ESSEX)





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