Welcome to "Source an Ex-Racehorse"

- the UK's FIRST website dedicated to the racehorse out of training and is solely for the purposes
of the sale, loaning and re-homing of such horses.

Whether a horse is directly out of a trainer's yard or has been out of training for a period
of time, whatever its level of re-training, then this is place to advertise.




It is not intended that this site is competition to any other websites (or magazines) which are involved
in the exchange of horses by whatever means; the idea is to encompass as many of those individuals,
Charities and businesses that are associated with the retraining of racehorses under the umbrella of this site so that those who are seeking to buy, sell, loan or rehome can find as many resources as possible in one place.




Advertising - Please read this carefully


  • We have no assocation with any of the horses that are listed for sale.  We only have as much information as submitted in an advertisment.
  • Make sure you have appropriate authority to sell or loan out a horse as we have tracked several horses that should not have been put up for sale!
  • Verification checks are made to check that horses are indeed ex-racehorses so please do not submit advertisements for non-eligible horses.
  • If you wish to place an advertisement regarding a horse you would like to sell or loan out all necessary advertising information can be found under the "Advertise" section.
    The £10 advertising fee is OPTIONAL. However we hope that advertisers will still elect to pay as all monies received are directed towards helping the rehoming of racehorses.
  • Please also refer to the "Terms and Conditions".
    This is to allow time for the necessary checks and because the site is run on a volunatary basis


The following horses can be advertised on this website:


  • Horses that have run on the flat or in national hunt (including bumper) races

Please note:

- only horses that have actually raced in the Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) can be entered into RoR Series of classes and Challenges. RoR do however have regional competitions for horses that have not raced or have raced outside of the UK. Please visit the RoR website for more information www.ror.org.uk


  • Horses that have been in training, but have not actually raced  - although advertisers should make this clear in their submitted advertisement.

Please note:

- these horses are not eligible for certain classes run by RoR.
- these horses can participate in classes run by other organisations such as TARRA and the Ex-Racers Club.


  • Horses that have run in point to points
  • Horses from outside of the UK

We are aware that there are a considerable number of horses from Ireland (Northern Ireland and Eire) are being homed in the UK; if you wish to advertise such a horse, we have no objection although advertisers should specify this as again, such horses are not elligible for RoR classes.



The following horses cannot be advertised on this website:


  • Any thoroughbred that has not been in training.
  • Any other breed of horse.


Retraining Help


  • If you need any help or advise regarding your ex-racehorse please contact Equine Management and Training who will be pleased to help  Their email address is: Enquiries:equinetraining.co.uk or telephone 01780-740773.
  • The RoR also has a Helpline which can be accessed by email or telephone.

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